Welcome to my blog!
I have been intending to start this blog for a very long time and have finally just done it!

About Me:
I am just a passionate woman, navigating my way through life and learning from experiences as I go.  I have been in sales and marketing most of my career but it has been in the past year (2012-2013) that I have come to realize my passion in life.  I want to help others in the most natural and holistic way possible, through Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology.

I am originally from Port Elizabeth, but have been living in Johannesburg, South Africa since 2004.  Married since 2003 and became a mommy in June 2011.  My son is the reason I became so focused on the best possible nutrition and why we should choose the best food sources for our bodies that need to carry us through our entire lives.  He continues to teach me important life lessons each and every day.  He is my little ray of sunshine. 

About Us:
We are multi-dimensional people made up of… 
– Mind Beliefs & Emotions
– Body Physical
– Soul Spiritual  
Each one affects the other parts. They are not independent all have cause and effect on each other.  We cannot survive happily and healthily for very long if any of these areas have been neglected.    

Over the years I have learnt that the body is designed to heal itself, yet we do not allow this natural process to take place. We are too quick to run to the doctor to stop the symptoms in their tracks.

Almost every physical ailment, illness or pain has a mental, emotional or spiritual charge behind it.  It is a blockage in the flow of energy through the body.  Once this energy is released and able to move around freely again, the body can start to heal properly.  My focus is on healing, not curing.

I am hoping that through sharing my experiences, something may help another person out there.   I have made many mistakes in life, but have now realized they were not mistakes at all.   They were choices I was meant to make in order to learn, grow and develop into the person I am at this present moment. 

I strongly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, nothing is by chance or coincidence. 

About this blog:
What you can expect:
– Straightforward, real life and health experiences
– Tips and practical advice on holistic health and wellness
– Help in understanding the body and why certain choices are better for us long term
– Inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle 
– Ideas for nutritionally delicious meals
– A little bit of randomness here and there

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to share and that you are able to take something of value from my posts. We are all learning from each other each and every day.

Live. Breathe. Nourish. Move. Love. 
-Bronwyn x