Lesson: 25 May 2018

During weekdays, when my son is at home with the nanny after school, I often get a voice note from him to ask if he can watch TV.

Sometimes I am busy with clients or in a meeting and cannot get to him at that exact time. So I answer as soon as I have a chance to. On Friday 25 May this happened, and I only got to answer him an hour after he sent the voice note.  He spent the weekend with his dad after that so I only saw him again on the Sunday afternoon when I fetched him. We were driving home and he said: “Mom, when I message you to ask to watch TV, and I wait a long time for you to answer, I sometimes get mad”. (I have been encouraging him for the past few years to express his feelings and emotions verbally to me, and he has come a very long way with this)

I then explained to him that I am sometimes busy working and cannot always answer him immediately (when HE wants me to). I asked him to please be patient, because I WILL always answer him, not in HIS time, but at the time I am able to, and I may not respond in the way that he wants me to.

LESSON FOR MOM: God/The Universe will always answer in his/the right time, and not mine. It sometimes may not be the answer I want, but it is the answer I need. Patience & Faith!