Bronwyn was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 1979, the youngest of 3 girls.

In high school (1996) her parents were going through a divorce. She does not recall it being a particularly happy time. They ended up staying together but fought a lot. She was put onto anti-depressants at this time by her GP. At the end of her matric year she went out with friends and ended up getting shot in her right hip. It was after this that the doctor also prescribed medication for Anxiety. She also battled with Bulimia.

She got married at the age of 23 and shortly afterwards moved to Johannesburg. Most of her career has been in the sales/marketing industry. She was never satisfied with the positions she was in. She always knew that she wanted more from life and that there was so much opportunity for her out there. She just needed to figure out her true purpose in life.


img_2709In 2009 she took a position with Robin Banks, who is an international speaker. He also teaches John Kehoe’s Mind Power course. She did the 4-week course when she began working for him. It made so much sense but didn’t really sink in properly. She still wasn’t satisfied with her life. Old thought patterns and beliefs kept emerging. For a long time she was a “victim” and thought everything was happening TO her and that she had no control over it. After having her son in June 2011 everything changed. The way she looked at life changed. She started delving deeper into health, wellness and vitality. She was exposed to so many opportunities that made her learn and grow and find her passion. Through her job, she was introduced to people who have taught me so much on her journey. She signed up for courses in Applied Kinesiology and Lymphology and started implementing it into her own life. Slowly but surely she came to realize exactly what her life’s purpose and passion is. She want to help people become the best possible version of themselves. 5 years after doing the Mind Power course, she decided to do it again. She had grown tremendously in the 5 years and this time was completely different. She was doing it for herself. She is more connected to who she really is and has learnt to express herself authentically in order to serve others.

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More than ever, she knows exactly what she is meant to be doing in this life. Her blog is her life story as well as information she has discovered along this journey on earth. Everything she writes about is based on her own experiences. It may not make sense to everyone else, but if she can touch those who are ready to hear it and need to hear it then she knows she has helped in some way. She does not profess to know everything. She will constantly be learning until the day she leaves the earth. She invites you to enter her world for awhile. See what she have to offer and if any of it resonates with you, please feel free to comment or contact her.

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