Tarryn from Johannesburg was suffering from a lot of anxiety and after one session her anxiety subsided drastically! Tarrn is committed to overcoming her challenges and is doing the work every day to grow and become better and stronger! Well done Tarryn!


Tarryn, Johannesburg

Bronwyn has a certain comfort that surrounds her. You instantly feel welcome in her presence. She is a real people person and has a genuine passion for helping people be the best version of themselves. I cannot wait for my next kinesiology session. I am already seeing results.
Thanks Bronwyn!!

Melanie Papadopoulos, Pretoria

At my first Applied Kinesiology appointment with Bronwyn, I was amazed at how she was able to pick up past events through Kinesiology that had such a negative impact on my life. Needless to say she put a stop to that negativity and I felt amazing after my session with her.

Poovesh, Johannesburg

My experience with Applied Kinesiology is that my fatigue and stress has reduced to almost nothing. I used to sleep deeply and woke up tired and not looking forward to the day. But since having a Kinesiology session and taking the drops and supplements I have been feeling more alive and positive. I am usually well rested and my fatigue is gone. I have also embarked into the weight loss program where I have lost more than 5kg in four weeks. The HCG drops has also reduced cellulite tremendously.

On my second consultation on Thursday, the process detected more issues linked to my unusual period cycle. Two days after the session my menstrual cycle began again. I really appreciate your friendliness and understanding and also your gift identifying more I can realise in terms of emotions, vows and believes and releasing it all.

Arabella, Johannesburg

HCG was a fresh start for me, an emotional and physical reboot. It was pure discipline, sticking to the rules, and to maintain it afterwards, it still is. Trust in yourself that you can do it, trust in Bronwyn to support you and guide you through this Revolution!

KNV, Johannesburg

HCG Weight Loss Programme

I have battled with my weight for close to 10yrs now, having never been overweight in my childhood and early 20’s. It turns out that over-indulging and under-exercising was the fatal combination for me though and I put on the weight during this phase. I felt lethargic and uncomfortable in my own skin. Buying tops in size Large and barely squeezing into size 12 trousers became unacceptable in the end. I tried many different eating plans and diets, but the weight always crept back on as fast as it came off. Then, I heard about the HCG diet, did a bit of research into it and decided to give it a bash. When I received the diet, I got a big fright as it seemed close to impossible and I thought that I’d never be able to follow it as strictly as the guidelines ‘commanded’. Upon embarking on the first week though, I realised that the drops and pills that you take, while on the diet, effectively aid in curbing cravings and I never felt hungry. In fact, fruit especially started tasting absolutely delicious as the natural sugar taste became heightened by cutting out processed carbs and sugars. Obviously it took a few days for me to get used to it all though and from there, the weight fell off. 3.5kg in the first week. I plateaued a few times but I always caught up with a big, overnight loss every few days. After 40 days, I hit the 10kg mark, bought an armful of new clothing and relished in the compliments that my friends and family kept showering on me. Since my LDW (Last drops weight), I haven’t been 100% committed to the maintenance plan, but the weight has still stayed off. I feel fantastic, energised and I can tell 100% that my entire metabolism has shifted as I can have the odd treat without the scale shooting in the wrong direction. I wholeheartedly recommend HCG, as it’s the only diet I’ve ever stuck to, and had the best results with!

-Penny Biram, Johannesburg

Thank you so much Bronwyn. I have tried and tried but just not got it right on my own. You were super to work alongside, always available to chat to and so encouraging. The juice recipes were wonderful; my favourite was the Green Juice and the Strawberry Shine. I feel motivated to carry on until I achieve my goal weight, but also to be more conscious of what I put into my body, as I can see how it directly impacts me. I get it now: I am what I eat!

-Bronwyn Liesching, Dorset United Kingdom-

Juice Fast

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