In light of the recent acts and activities that have been going on in South Africa with women and child abuse, I felt I needed to put some thoughts and feelings down around this. I have chosen not to post or march or ‘fight back’ during this time and it has been a conscious decision.

I understand that people are upset and angry. It is an extremely sad state of affairs but I would like to challenge everyone to try and think before they post. You see, I used to be one of those people who moaned and complained about the government (well pretty much everything) and I would get highly upset and triggered when I heard about things like this going on in the world. I used to share all the negative events and drama on social media, and guess how it made me feel? Unhappy and dissatisfied. What I did not realise, is how my reaction had a ripple effect and directly affects the collective. (Negative thoughts and emotions directed at people make us no better than them.) 

Think about when you are around a very negative person…how do you feel? Does it affect you in a good or bad way?

The amount of negative energy that has been sent out over the past week will have a negative impact on everyone. I am not condoning, nor am I saying I am happy about what has been happening, and I am not ‘burying my head in the sand’ as someone told me I am. I am just choosing what energy I put out into the world because I want to see things get better and not worse.

People can say things like “well you haven’t lost someone to violence so you don’t know what it is like”. No, I have not, but I have been through a lot of undesirable situations myself and survived them. I have been raped, shot and involved in two abusive relationships. For a very long time I was angry and blamed the perpetrators, but where did that leave me? I was miserable. I was choosing to stay there though and I cannot blame them for that. I also realized that all of these people were acting from their level of consciousness, not mine, so to me, a lot of it would not make sense and I had to reach acceptance of that.

For the longest time I subconsciously expected the worst from people, and guess what I got?

It was only when I got to a point where I realized that their actions had nothing to do with me and started looking for the silver lining, that I recognized the blessings that came from the situation. I could have allowed myself to forever be a victim of them, or I could learn how to accept what happened as part of my journey and use it as an opportunity to heal, grow, evolve and take me to the next level. I could either wallow in my pain or use it to transform. Pain wakes us up if we allow it to.

I also recognized that all of these so-called ‘bad’ experiences were gifts, and I am now grateful for them and what they taught me, because it has given me more purpose in life. My adversity has become the foundation of which I can now be a beacon of light for others who need it. And for me, it has all been worth it.

We all come into this life with lessons to learn. We are forever only running after what feels good to us. We try our best to avoid the things that don’t feel good, but they are part of life and part of growth. Pain teaches us things and pleasure puts us to sleep. Many things in life do not make sense to us, and I have started asking myself, “maybe I am not supposed to make sense of certain things”. All I can do is live a life of truth, honesty, love, compassion, pure intentions and integrity and create good karma for myself, whilst using that energy to imprint those intentions throughout the rest of the world.

And this is a choice that has to be made every day. Some days it is harder to make than others, yet I will still choose it over and over again.

I see so many people wanting to flee the country, which I completely understand, but I have decided to stay. South Africa needs more love and higher consciousness levels if anything is going to change and I know that I can be part of that. I used to be the person that wanted to run away and avoid negative energy and situations, and now I realise I can affect them by sending out my intentions in that space or situation. Instead of reacting, I can ground myself and be part of the change. Running away will not put a stop to anything, it is a fear-based action, and I have chosen faith and love over fear.

So today I would like to challenge you to rather send love vibrations instead of those of fear-based anger. Love is a much more constructive energy than anger. If you are angry, let it motivate you to get to a place where you accept things as they are, and may it help you recognize the universal law of cause and effect is a real thing.

At the end of the day, we are here to grow and evolve, not stay stagnant and in the same victim mindset that we have always known. Step up, step out and rise above it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, just start to be more mindful and aware of what energy you want in your life and that of others.

Focus on and create more of what you want and not what you don’t. Challenge the status quo and don’t just follow something for the sake of it. You have been given the gift of choice so I hope you will use it to choose to live from a place of love and not fear. The world depends on it.

Create. Express. Inspire.

Bronwyn x