I think that writing my story over the past 8 chapters has brought a lot of issues to the surface that have been hidden for a very long time.  I have also been burning the candle at both ends and completely overdoing everything lately.  My body spoke to me last week and stopped me in my tracks.  My hips and spine were completely out of alignment so my back and neck were in a lot of pain.  I also got Glandular Fever and a throat infection.  I know that I have to slow down and completely start changing my life.  I need the balance that I have been chasing for years.  I feel that this is a turning point for me (of which I have had many).  I am not going to just settle anymore.  I am going to change each and every aspect of my life so I can become the best version of me possible.  I have got so many topics I want to write about, but I am letting my own journey dictate the sequence of them.  So in line with what I am about to pursue properly,  here is a piece about the HUMAN NEEDS.

It is no secret that as humans, we have needs.  We are multi-dimensional beings and each part has needs that need to be met.  We are holistic in nature and if we ignore any of these needs, it will result being out of balance.  This will eventually catch up to us and result in pain, disease or illness.  

The basic human needs are as follows:

– Good nutrition
– Oxygen
– Water
– Exercise and Flexibility
– Relaxation
– Lymph drainage
– Balance

– Security
– Attention
– Autonomy / Control
– Connectedness to others
– Sense of belonging
– Friendship and Intimacy
– Privacy
– Status
– Competence / Achievement
– Meaning / Purpose
…not limited to these.

– Positive mental attitude
– Good self-image
– Belief system

– Joy
– Happiness
– Love
– Fulfillment

Disease or illness results from a blockage of energy from any one or more of these dimensions.  There needs to be an interflow of energy through all 4 of these areas to ensure holistic wellness and peak efficiency.  
The problem with most modern medicine these days it that it looks after the body as if the cause is always in the body (physical).  This is a misconception as it could very well lie in any of the other areas, it will just manifest in the physical body so that you are able to identify that there is something out of balance and fix it.  


Lately, I have been forced to re-evaluate my life and what is important.  If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything, and health is not just physical.
I am now venturing on a journey to make myself as healthy as I possibly can in each and every area of my life…from the inside out.  I have been making small changes over the past few years, but I feel as though it is time for major change.  I am learning to love myself (something I have always battled with in the past).  I am learning to look at myself more holistically and identify the mind/body connection more.  I am learning to listen to my body and hear what it has to tell me.
I am starting by having weekly adjustments at the Chiropractor, who is also helping me with the other areas too.  If you are in Johannesburg and feel that any part of your life is not balance, or you just have back and neck pain, I would highly recommend him.  Dr. Travis Mitchell.
I am also re-taking the Mind Power course with my boss, Robin Banks, as I feel as if my mental attitude has gone astray a little recently.  Only I am responsible for everything that happens to me in life.  Only I can change it.  I feel more empowered now than ever before to do that.   
So for now it is Mental Attitude and Breathing/Relaxation/MeditationI am focusing on.   Time for some stillness, peace and quiet 🙂