So last week I decided it was time to re-set physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I set the date of Monday 15 August to start my 5 day Juice Fast.

My body obviously heard me because yesterday I got hit with hectic sinus that saw me sneeze from sunrise to sunset and my nose running like a tap all day.  Today my nose and lips are red, dry and cracked from all the blowing and I am gatvol.  Gatvol of the way I feel and gatvol that I haven’t had the discipline and motivation to live the way I did for a long time…healthy and mindful of the way I treat my body and mind.  (With this being said, it is not always about discipline.  I am aware that there are some physical aspects that are making it more challenging for me to get back into the healthy lifestyle I once had, and I cannot be too hard on myself.  All I know is that change is coming).

So it’s no lie that I am human too and go through times where I am not happy with where I am at.  I am not comfortable in my body at all right now.  My lifestyle has not been what it should be and it shows in the way I look and feel.  I do not feel the inter-connectedness and balance between my body-mind-soul that I strive for and help other people with….and I want to!  (Sometimes the healer also needs healing *GASP*.)

So today I sit here with a thick head and a tired body and have decided that tomorrow I will take action and start a 3-day Pre-Detox before my Juice Fast.

I initially wanted to start the Juice Fast on Monday 15th, however, I am going into theatre on Thursday for a procedure.  So I have decided to start the fast on Sunday 14th so it gives me an extra day to clean out before I go in.  I will then be one day ahead of the others joining me on the fast.

So I know as soon as you tell people you are going for a ‘procedure’ they are utterly curious and have to know what type of procedure it is.  Because I put myself out there with everything…I am going to humour you.  It is not a serious procedure.  Last week I went to the gynae to have my Mirena removed as it has been in for 5 years and I can feel my hormones going crazy now (another reason I have been feeling yuck).  The Mirena had shifted and is stuck and it was far too painful when he tried to pull it out so he has to do a D&C and remove it in theatre.  Thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated that it all goes well.

I will blog every day of my experiences and what I have done and consumed each day and the thought process behind it all.  I am not doing this as an expert in Juicing (as I have only done two juice fasts before) however I am doing this as a more hands-on, experiential experience in order to also help others out there who are thinking of doing a detox.  And to those not thinking about it, it may make you realise why a detox is an amazing gift you can give yourself.  I am also doing this for accountability so that I see it through 100%.

So thank-you for joining me on this journey, whether you are taking part or not.

Here goes…the mental preparation…Time to hit the re-set button once and for all!