Monday 15 August 2016

I really battled to sleep last night. So I gave myself permission to snooze until 06h00. My sinuses are still clearing out….properly.

Today I felt a lot more motivated and inspired and ready to go. Today I also felt hungry.

I had the intention of following a proper routine everyday, but that has not happened. When you are a single parent and recovering from a lot of imbalances, it is not always possible to do this. So I have done as much as I can every day, but I had a plan in place and diarised my daily routine as a guide  As long as I am sticking to the Detox/Juice Fast and meditating everyday, then that is the most important.  

06h00: Oil Pulling (I used Coconut Oil)

Weighed: 64.4 kgs (1 kg down since yesterday)

06h30: Homeopathic supplements and Peppermint Tea.  Cleaned up the kitchen.

07h00: 5 minutes of Rebounding. Morning drill to get my son ready for holiday club.

07h30: Greens and Juice.

I felt light-headed and realised my blood pressure is probably low (I have a tendency to get low blood pressure) so I ate a few grinds of Himalayan Rock Salt.


08h00: Dropped my son at school and headed to the gym for some stretching and freestyle yoga.

09h00: Did a bit of shopping.

10h00: Met a friend for tea (Green) and did a bit of admin.

Although I am feeling a LOT better physically, mentally and emotionally, my brain is still on go slow.

12h00: Home to wash dishes and clean up. Drank some left over juice from breakfast.

12.30: Coffee enema, shower and made juice.

13h30: Meditation, prayer and gratitude.


IMG_7725 IMG_7727 IMG_7728                                           

The angel cards I selected today.

14h30: Homeopathic Supplements and Juice

14.45: Fetched my boy from school and took him to an MMA class. He LOVED this!


16h30: Tea (Peppermint) with a friend while our boys played.

18h00: Home.  Quinn helped me juice enough for Dinner, Breakfast and Snack for tomorrow. Cleaned up.

18.45: Dinner and bath for my son.

19h10: Built a puzzle, story and bed for my son.

20h00: Ginger and Lemon Tea

20h30: Realised I left my laptop in the car (I live on the 2nd floor and my legs are so sore and I am absolutely finished)…hence the late posting of this post.

I just remembered I need to take herbal supplements.

There were times today where I felt a bit weak and nauseous. Started to slow down later in the day.  Went to bed buggered. I think I did too much today!

PS.  On the flip side, Quinn was an angel today 🙂

Let the healing continue…