Saturday 13 August 2016

Can Dory get any Dory-er?????

Ok, so today the wheels came off a little. My body was detoxing heavily. That together with the sinus and all the other imbalances going on in my body almost sent me over the edge.

Today I still battled with memory and concentration and everything was on go slow. I had quite a bit to do in preparation for the Juice Fast and had my son. (It’s funny the days you don’t have much emotional self-control, your children test you the most!)

Today I did not stick to my routine as much but tried my very best. I actually can’t even remember what times I did what, so I am speculating here.

06h00 – Wake up. Hot water with lemon. Bathroom things and weigh in.

Weigh-In: 65.6 kgs (same as yesterday)


06h30 – Meditate for 30 mins.

07h00 – My boy woke up and jumped into my bed and we chatted, cuddled and played.

07h30 – 08h30 – TF Detox Tab, Supplements, Greens and Smoothie.IMG_7598

09h00 – Yoga

11h30 – Organic Market to buy veggies for the Juice Fast.

12h00 – Lunch at the market: Greek Salad and Peppermint Tea (plus supplements and Detox Tablet)

13h00 – Home to lie down and get ready to take my son to a show

15h00 – Slava’s Snow Show with my boy, what fun that was.  (Drank water only)

IMG_7642 IMG_7644 (1)

17h00 – Walked around Montecasino with the biggest headache I have had in a long time.  Felt like absolute crap! (Had a little situation with my son.  Felt myself losing grip.)

18h30 – Went to Woolworths to buy the last few things for my Juicing and Coffee for the coffee enemas.  (Things escalated to new heights with my son and I lost it.

19h00 – Home. Detox Tablet (last one), Supplements. Veggies, Avo and Grilled Calamari.  My last chew-able meal for the next 5 days.

20h00 – Got into bed. Did not meditate, bath or anything.

So glad this day is over!

Note: The headache, drained feeling and short fuse is all part of the sugar and carbohydrates depleting from the body.   Not a nice side-effect but absolutely integral and important for your body to do this every once in awhile. Sugar and carbs do the body no good.