Friday 12 August 2016

So I know I have been quiet today, that is because it has taken quite a large capacity to focus enough just to get through the day…without being caged or arrested.

I have had the attention and concentration span of Dory today.  I can feel the effects of the toxins working their way out of my body.  I have felt waves of exhaustion followed by hunger, then it flipped and all of a sudden I am full from a cup of tea and I have a burst of energy.   And let’s rather not talk about the lack of empathy for inefficient/asleep people.  Let’s just say it was probably best to stay away from me today as my tolerance levels were low.  Grumpy!  At least my sinuses are clearing up nicely 🙂

This morning I really battled to wake up.  Overslept by an hour. (I think I may get the times of today wrong, I must have forgotten what I was about to do all day)

Note: The lack of pictures explains a lot about today.

06h00: Hot water with Lemon, bathroom things/shower

Weighed: 65.6 kgs. (400g down)

07h00: Supplements and Tony Ferguson Detox Tab

07h30: 3o minutes meditation, prayer and gratitude

08h00: Greens and Smoothie (same as day 1)

09h00: Attempt a very light workout at gym.  (Got angry with the Virgin Active because my card did not work). Cycled for 20 minutes and stretched.

10h00: Fix issue with Virgin Active and get a Juice from Kauai (Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Tumeric, Ginger, Himalayan Salt – odd tasting combination)

10.20: A good chat with a good friend over hot water with lemon.

12h00: Meeting (Do I have to?)  Munch on Apple and some raw nuts.

13h30: Lunch (Yay) – Salad and veggies, Chinese Green Tea

14h00: Potter around the house forgetting everything in under 5 seconds.

16h00: Lose it with my estate agency for incompetence….I could go on.

16h00: Fetch my son, drop off the nanny and went to buy a Coffee Enema device. Read about benefits here. And for a more scientific opinion, have a look here.  This will be used during the Juice Fast phase of this detox.  If I am going to do this right and rid my body, liver and colon of all toxins, I doing the whole slog!

17h00: Dinner with friends.  TF Detox Tab. Peppermint Tea, lots of water and a Calamari Salad.

20h00: Home and finished!  Although Quinn had other plans that did not involve sleeping.

21h00: Quinn asleep, some time to blog before I meditate and sleep.  I think I will do a guided meditation tonight but I will probably be lights out 2 minutes into it.

Usually Day 2 of any detox for me is the worst.  The lethargy and weird feeling is all part of it.  It means it is working so just go slow and listen to your body.

Starting to really appreciate food now and see it for what it is: a nourisher and energy source.  We so often take food for granted!

Bring on Day 3!