Ok, so I need to give a bit of context here as to the reason why I am doing this Detox/Cleanse so it will give you some insight.  I probably should have done this from the get go, but better late than never.

I initially wanted to start my Juice Cleanse yesterday (Monday 15 August) but last week my body was screaming at me. I was feeling puffy, bloated and uncomfortable and had a lot of discomfort in my colon. I had an increasing craving for sugar and bread. I have been feeling lethargic and battling to wake up in the morning.  I had itchy spots on my torso and legs and I could feel my body was completely out of whack.  My moods were up and down and I could not deal with small issues. I have picked up weight too that I have been battling to shed with good diet and exercise.

I therefore decided to start a detox and only eat fresh fruit and veggies (and a little bit of protein) and cut out all sugar, carbs, processed food, caffeine and alcohol for 3 days prior to the fast to get my body ready so that the effects of the fast were not as bad.

I began the Detox on Thursday 11 August. Later that morning I went to see my Applied Kinesiologist. I had been testing myself for imbalances but I was getting nothing, but I knew something was not right.

She found the following imbalances in my energy body:

  • Candida
  • Large Parasites
  • Immune
  • Liver
  • Thyroid (slow)
  • Stress Cortisol
  • Triple Resistance (Leptin, Insulin & Adrenaline)
  • Serotonin
  • Anxiety (Adrenaline/Nor-Adrenaline/Dopamine)
  • Mercury
  • Aluminium

So it is no wonder I felt so yucky. She told me that this detox/cleanse would be the best thing for me to rid my body of all of these. I am on only two homeopathic supplements (Deworming and Triple Resistance Vibrational Formulas.)

I may need to do the Metal Detox Formula after the cleanse as my body would not have been able to process the detox of the metals at the same time.

So the main reason I am doing this cleanse is to rid my body of all the toxins and kill the parasites and detox my liver (hence the Coffee Enemas). These imbalances are another reason the detox side effects lasting longer than normal. I need to get my health back to what it should be as I have far too much work to do in this world and people to help.

Lately I have absorbed some low frequencies and energy from other people and that is the main reason for these syndromes. I have also had a very intense few months that lowered my system and made me more susceptible to picking up these imbalances.

So my ‘why’ for doing this is very strong!  That is what is keeping me going.

I believe that this little hurdle will help me help others even more because I can empathise and relate to things others experience.

All illness/ailments are there for a reason. It helps us to look at the deeper issues that we need to face.  If there were no physical issues, we would not know that anything was off balance at an emotional/mental/spiritual level. So I do not see this as anything except an opportunity to clean out and re-set. Everything challenge we face forces us to level up!  So I am seeing this as something that is further growing my awareness and consciousness and taking me to the next level in my life. Every experience is about growth and learning.

I will share the realisations and lessons during the cleanse after I have finished it.

Namaste xxx