I slept quite well last night but got a up a few times from all the liquid they pumped into me.

I woke up feeling a bit tender but good.  I decided that today I should rest as much as possible.  I also decided that today I will eat.  I have to ease into it though after the juicing.

06h00: Peppermint Tea

06h30: Meditated for 30 minutes

07h00: Got back into bed and started to catch up on things I have been needing to do.

08h00: Supplements and Smoothie: Frozen Banana/Apple/Pear, Vegan Protein, Superfoods Shake Mix, Chia Seeds, Spirulina. Flaxseeds, Water – topped with Cacao Nibs (I am addicted to these).


08h15: Carried on doing admin in bed

10h00: Had a shower and some hot water with lemon

10h45: Chilled in bed working then made lunch – my very first ‘chewable’ meal in 6 days.  Took supplements.

Salad: Baby Spinach, Grated Carrots, Red Cabbage, Coriander, Mixed Seeds, Peeled Courgettes, Avo, a bit of Feta. Dressed with Himalayan Rock Salt, Olive Oil, freshly squeezed Lemon and raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. (Everything raw, mostly organic).  It was DIVINE!


13h15: Had a meeting.  Drank more hot water with lemon

14h30: Went to buy a few groceries and walked around the shops a bit.  I also bought a new journal.

17h00: Home and unpacked. I was hungry so I made a quick shake with some Banana, Apple and Hemp Protein.

18h00: Supplements. Made dinner. Deconstructed salad:  Raw Spinach, Cooked Spinach, Lightly fried Broccoli (coconut oil), raw grated Beetroot, Mixed Sprouts, Red Onion marinated in Red Wine Vinegar, Feta, Avo, peeled Courgettes.  Same dressing as lunch.


I am absolutely buggered now, so I think I am going to pray, do my gratitude and read until I fall asleep.

This detox has by no means been easy, especially because of the way I have been feeling and the other things happening.  I am glad that I have done it though because I am feeling so much healthier, cleaner and my mental clarity is coming back.

I felt fine today, just a bit off balance still and can feel my body is a fatigued after the episode in hospital yesterday.

Good night x