Tuesday 16 August 2016

I slept better last night and woke up rearing to go physically, but my mind is 100 km behind today.

Really battling mentally today and all I want to do is eat, not from hunger but for comfort. Even a cappuccino will do. This made me realise just how much we eat for comfort and not for nourishment!

06h00: Wake up.  Homeopathic Supplements and Peppermint Tea.

Weigh-In: 63.2 kgs (1.2 down from yesterday)

06h15: Got dressed and woke my son up.  Bottled my Juice and drank it in the car on the way to Yoga.


07h00: Yoga class.  I felt strong physically, but at times felt like I was pushing my body too hard and spending to much energy.

08h15: Took Quinn to Holiday Club.

09h00: Went to sit in a coffee shop to work (well attempt to) and had a Chamomile Tea.


10h30: Abandoned idea of working and left coffee shop. Started to irritate myself trying to get my brain to work.

11h00: Went to Woolworths to buy mineral water but they were sold out. Did not bother going anywhere else as I was meh at this stage.

11h30: Had some more juice and prepared coffee mixture. Took homeopathic supplements and made Ginger & Lemon tea to try feed my craving for comfort.

12.00: Bubble bath

12.30: Lay on my bed and attempted to do some things that require my attention! It feels like my brain is playing tennis right now.

13h00: Coffee enema time.  Messed half of the coffee mixture but didn’t have the patience to make more and let it cool.

13h40: Back on my bed to blog and make some kind of list of everything I am meant to be doing but haven’t been able to do.  *cringe*  I can’t handle not being productive. Maybe my brain is forcing me to focus on my healing. Maybe the lesson here is to let go of attachment to anything right now.

Crap, I had a meeting at 12h00 that I clean forgot about!

14h00: Rested on my bed for a few hours and caught up with a few friends and carried on organising my birthday.

16h30: Left to fetch my boy child from school.

At this point I started feeling light headed and weak.  I don’t think I drank enough juice and my blood pressure was dropping.  Ate a bit of Himalayan Salt.

17h10: Got home from school run and Quinn juiced me a massive juice.  Enough for most of tomorrow.  I drank a big juice because of my blood pressure and blood sugar dropping.  Felt absolutely terrible.  Moral of the story: Drink juice throughout the day, even if you don’t feel like it!

IMG_7794 IMG_7795

18h00: Ate more Himalayan salt. Bathtime for Quinn and then we built a 200 piece puzzle together.

19h20: Quinn ate something and we read a story and bed time for him.  Started to feel better from the Juice and salt.

21.30: Time for bed.  I didn’t meditate today but I will listen to a guided meditation in bed.

I have decided that due to the fact that I am going into theatre on Thursday and having an anaesthetic (and my blood pressure is already low) I am going to do juices and smoothies tomorrow.  I have done 3 days of detox and 3 days of juice, so I think I will do 3 days of juice and smoothies and then eat raw for awhile to ease into eating again.

I need to listen to my body, it always has the answers.

Thanks for reading x