Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 August 2016.

The last two days have been challenging due to the effects of the anaesthetic. I have hardly slept and have found myself completely paranoid in the middle of the night. Last night was an improvement of Friday night though, so it is getting better.

I was feeling so great just before I went in for my procedure. I reckon it will take a few days for it to work its way out of my system.

Yesterday and today I have been very conscious of what I eat and have listened to what my body has been asking for.


I could not do much today. I must have had about 2 hours sleep last night.

I woke up and had some Peppermint Tea, my supplements and a Smoothie. I got back into bed for awhile and then got dressed and drove to Dischem to get 1 or 2 things. I wanted to go to the gym but my body said ‘are you crazy?’

So I went back home and cleaned up.

I decided to do a Coffee Enema today to flush the chemicals from the anaesthetic out of my system.

Lunch today consisted of: 2 Scrambled Eggs, a Half an Avo, Baby Tomatoes, Baby Spinach and Chickpeas (which I bought and cooked myself – due to the aluminium in my body, I have decided not to eat anything out of a can anymore).

I got into bed and rested. I fell asleep but woke up in panic again feeling paranoid. So I decided to read my book “Anatomy of Spirit” by Caroline Myss.

Later on I had a snack: Full Cream Plain Yoghurt, 2 Strawberries, Mixed Seeds and Cacao Nibs

I got back into bed and stayed there.

My friend Mark came around and I made us some dinner: Salad with Baby Spinach, grated Carrot and Beetroot, Mixed Sprouts, Red Onion, Chickpeas, Feta and Avo with some Chicken Breast Strips done in Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Mixed Herbs and Tumeric.  I also made some (chunky) Hummus to go with the chicken.  Chunky because I realised I lost an integral piece of my Kenwood Chef.

Drank some Chamomile Tea before bed.



I woke up feeling pretty good today so made myself some Peppermint Tea, then had my Supplements and a Smoothie.

I headed off to gym and attempted a weight workout, the first in awhile.  I must be honest, it took a lot out of me, even though I was using much lighter weights than what I usually do.

I fetched my son and headed home to shower and get dressed. Had to eat something so I had an apple and some yoghurt.

I cleaned up and packed some lunch for us as we were going to the Rand Air Show.

Took us awhile to get in but we eventually did and sat down to have some lunch. I had some chicken from last night with Spinach and Brocolli and some of the Hummus with raw Baby Carrots. I just drank water all day.

After the show we headed to a restaurant so Quinn could play. I decided to have a Whiskey and Water as I felt I deserved it 🙂 It made me EXTREMELY lazy. I was also developing a rather large headache.

We came home around 16h30.   I was hungry again so I made a small protein smoothie for Quinn and I to share.

I put on a DVD for Quinn and I made some dinner.

Today, I felt like some comfort food so I made some gluten-free Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Chicken, Courgette Ribbons, Avo and Coriander. It was delicious.

After bath and bed time for Quinn I started craving something sweet (I do have a sweet tooth). So I had some more yoghurt with Carob Powder, Seeds and Cacao Nibs (which I may have overdone slightly!).


I ate a bit more today but I felt I needed it. I am becoming so in tune with my body and am able to read it well now.

I am now full, finished and still have a headache.  I think it must be from all the loud planes and helicopters this afternoon. Maybe a bit too much for me today but it was good to exercise and get out again.

I have just had some Chamomile Tea and I am about to turn in.

I have decided that I really like the way I am eating now and I am going to continue it as a way of life. I used to eat like this all the time and then life happened. Situations change, lifestyle changes and bad habits creep in again. I want to use this as a turning point to getting back to where I was because when I eat this way, I feel good!

I also need to continue for at least another few weeks as the way I am eating now is also in line with the Candida Detox, which is a 4 week programme. So I am seeing it through until then and beyond.

I will post one more post after this one with the conclusion of this process as well as some other info and pics.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and that you have taken some value from these posts. I also hope I may have helped to give you ideas of some healthy alternative meals. I have some recipes on my website of quick, hassle-free healthy food that you are welcome to use. Thank-you for following my story.

Namaste x