It has been a very long time since I have written a post!  The last 5 months of 2013 were extremely eventful to say the least.  Just after I wrote Chapter 8, things got rather fascinating…

Towards the end of July 2013, Quinn had a bit of a fever as well as some congestion and a cough.  I took him to see a physio who did Percussing on him in order to get rid of all the gunk in his respiratory system.  I was amazed at how much phlegm and liquid came streaming out of his nose and mouth. He was so much better after the first appointment but was told to bring him back the next day for one more session.  That night his fever was still there but it wasn’t very high.  The next day I took him back for another session of the percussing, however, he seemed to deteriorate after that.  He was lethargic and his fever was high.  That night I could smell on his breath that there was an issue in his throat.  I decided that if he was not better the following morning, I would take him to see a doctor.  I realised in the morning that this was way past taking him to a homeopathic doctor or GP.  I took him straight to casualty.  The whole day was one of waiting around. They did and examination and nebuliser him before sending him for chest x-rays.  He was diagnosed with Bronchial-pneumonia.  I was given medicine for him and sent home.

After a very stressful and exhausting day at the hospital, I monitored Quinn.  Something told me that this was more serious than the diagnosis.  I decided to take him back to the hospital.  Another doctor saw him and said it was best for them to admit him.  The paediatrician took one look at him and said that he was in bad shape.  On top of the bronchial-pneumonia, he also had tonsillitis and a double ear infection.  He needed intravenous antibiotics.  Quinn has never been on an antibiotic in his life, but I know when they are necessary and I was grateful for them in times like this. They put a drip in and admitted him.  He was stressed and exhausted by the evening that he passed out and slept all night. I stayed in hospital with him.  I got absolutely no sleep as there was a baby in our room that cried all night.  The linen gave me allergies and my face was so puffed up I could barely open my eyes.  I was so tired that I wanted to die, literally.  (I also had to take a few steps back with my Venlor and take it after 3 days instead of 7).

Quinn recovered quickly in hospital.  He was nebulised every day and they also did percussing on him a few times a day.  After 3 days he was released but we had to monitor his chest and still nebulise him 3 times a day.  I took him back for a check up after a week and the paed was happy with his progress.  She was just a bit concerned that his ears were not draining properly.  She told me that if they did not drain after time, he would need grommets.

I then decided to take him to my chiropractor to assist with his ears.  He went for weekly sessions and the adjustments for 3 months which have really helped him.  His ears are fine now and his health is better than ever.

I had to take a few days to recover after the hospital stint myself.  I had lost out on a week of sleep so I had a lot of catching up to do, as well as sorting out the sinus allergies.  I managed to get back onto my Venlor every 7 days very quickly and steadily stuck to that for awhile.

At this point I could feel that my life needed a serious turn around.  I needed to get more focused and in control of where I was going in life.  I needed balance and direction again so I signed up for a 12-week program with my Chiropractor too Dr. Travis Mitchell – Aspire Happyness.  The program focuses on adjusting 6 areas of life holistically in order to create lasting and permanent results.  You make changes from the inside out and constantly work at moving in your direction in order to be as happy and healthy as you can.  I needed a complete overhaul!

Shortly after seeing Dr. T, I decided to do the 4-week Mind Power Course that my boss runs.  I had done it once when I started working for Robin Banks and Associates 5 and a half years ago, and have always wanted to re-take it.  I completed the first session and was optimistic that the course was going to provide me with the tools to make proper changes in my life.

My physical body had taken a bit of a knock over this time Quinn wasn’t well and The Epstein-Barr virus reared it’s head again in the form of Glandular Fever.  The pain was unbearable.  I was fighting seeing a medical doctor, but went anyway just for peace of mind.  I was given painkillers and antibiotics.  I did not take the antibiotics.  I was adamant to heal myself over this time, after all, the body heals itself if you give it the chance to.  I did take the pain killers when I needed to though.  I did Applied Kinesiology on myself and cleared the underlying mental and emotional blockages, ordered some of Dr. Frans Kromhout’s Glandular Fever formula and stayed in bed.  I did my Mind Power exercises every day and visualised  my body healing and regaining full, vital health.  I silenced my mind and doubts and completely separated myself from the illness.  After all, it was just my body that was sick, not my entire being.  I accepted it for what it was and was grateful for the time of reflection and the opportunity to get to the bottom of the root cause of it.  The pain was getting better, but the one day it was far worse than any of the others.  I then did a stupid thing…I went onto Google!  All sorts of other fears were put into my mind about what it could have developed into.  I read that Glandular Fever takes up to 6-weeks to clear.  I decided to forget about what I had read.  I carried on what I was doing and the very next morning I woke up feeling better than ever.  Full of energy and not one iota of pain!  It was exactly 1 week from the start of the symptoms until I was completely gone.  I obviously took it easy the week after that but I was exercising again in no time.  This was a huge break-through for me as the old belief system that ‘you will only get better by going to a doctor’ was blown out of the water!

I carried on with the Mind Power course and seeing Dr. Travis for adjustments every week.   I did all my homework consistently and started feeling amazing. Steadily things were improving in all aspects for me.  I could start weaning a bit more off the Venlor.  I went from 1 tablet every 7 days, to every 8 days, then 9 days, then 10 days.  I was fixing myself from the inside out.  I carried on exercising and eating well.  I was taking my power back and claiming control over my own life.  I was getting my mind and mental attitude right.  I was learning how to control my emotions more and I was getting in touch with my intuition and learning to listen to my inner voice.  It was the most empowering exercise ever!  I felt massive shifts in consciousness and I found something that I had been wanting to achieve for a very long time: Inner Happiness!

To be continued…