The first year of having a baby is by far the hardest and most trying.  It is also highly rewarding and you cannot believe how such a tiny, dependent little baby can grow into a little person in just one year!!!

I had grown so much as a person and a mother, it was unbelievable.  Quinn taught me so much about life in general and what is most important in life. He inspired me to be a better person.  He had also inspired me to delve into the health and wellness industry where I learnt so much in just 1 short year.  I continued seeing an Applied Kinesiologist for any physical, emotional and mental issues I had.  I had amazing results from this.

I had always known in my heart of hearts that I have wanted to help others, I just did not know quite how.  I had been on a path of self-discovery since starting to work for Robin Banks.  At one stage I signed up for a correspondence course in Lifestyle Consulting, but my hours at work just did not allow me the time or energy to study too.  I knew that I would figure it out when the time was right.

I decided to learn some of the kinesiology techniques in May 2012. I wanted to be able to help myself and my family when I needed to.  Not long after that I realised that I could also very well help others and that is when the seed was planted.  During the session on one of the days, he tested to see how I was doing with my Venlor medication for the Anxiety.  I had still been taking one 37.5 mg tablet every day, but I now felt it was time to start weaning off completely.  He found more core limiting beliefs stopping me from believing I could be off them and he cleared them for me.  He worked out how fast I could come off them but told me I needed to play it by ear and see how things went.  By this stage, I trusted my intuition so much that I knew I would be able to do it.  I now was also equipped with the knowledge of the techniques so I could test for myself as I went to see what would be best for me.  I started the very next day with the weaning process.  There were withdrawals, but this time I was handling them better than before. I was using natural supplements to ease the side effects.

It was nearing my son’s 1st birthday and I had been feeling increasingly exhausted again.  This time though, my body was sore and my muscles and joints were aching.  I felt burnt out and completely finished.  I was not coping with the hours at work either and I had realised that I was not fulfilled doing what I was doing anymore.
I managed to get through the birthday with the help of my husband and my family who came to celebrate with us.  I also stopped breastfeeding a week after his birthday.  Just after his birthday party, he had a fever (the first one ever) and a runny nose.  I went to the Weleda pharmacy and got some homeopathic remedies and it cleared in a couple of days.

I made an appointment for myself with another healer that I know and went to see her straight after work one day.  I was a wreck.  She tested and found that the M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was back. She also found the following syndromes: Fybromyalgia, Stress/Cortisol, Adrenal Fatigue, Serotonin Deficiency and Adrenaline/Nor-Adrenaline/Dopamine (Anxiety).  She said that the combination was serious and if I didn’t stop, my body would stop me.  She ordered me to take a week off work.  I had to give my laptop and cell phone into my office and not do one work-related thing all week.  I was also put onto 6 different natural supplements.  That week was good and bad, but the bad was for a good reason (if that makes sense).  I went through a major emotional and mental detox and it obviously had an effect on my body.  The first day I was on the toilet all day with and upset stomach.  It was gone the very next day, but I then had headaches. On the third day I felt nauseous.  I decided to focus on me that whole week.  My mom came from PE to help out at home and I stayed in bed every day.  I took long baths, drank tea, slept and just rested.  That together with the remedies I was taking cleared up every single syndrome in 4 weeks!

I forgot to mention that the previous time I had the M.E. I went to see a Holistic Therapist who put me on a Scio machine that tested every level in my body.  He had confirmed the M.E. and had put me on a whole whack of other natural supplements to get my body right.  It worked but it was dealing purely with the physical side.

I carried on steadily weaning off my medication for Anxiety (Venlor).  As I said earlier, the withdrawals were still there but I was dealing with them better than before.  For the next year I went through major personal growth and change.   A lot major past issues started surfacing and I began clearing these emotions and beliefs on myself.  I had a very sore wrist and a bloated stomach for almost a whole year, but nothing I did seemed to fix it.  I realised then that there was a lesson I had to learn and deeper issues I had to face before it would go away.  As soon as the penny dropped and I let go of those issues, my wrist got 100% better literally overnight and my stomach was not bloated anymore.  The body always talks to you and lets you know when you need to pay attention.

There is another guest speaker that speaks at some of Robin’s seminars.  His name is Keith McFarlane and he owns the company ReboundSA.  He has studied a myriad of courses and degrees, mainly in the health and wellness field.  He has dedicated his life to healing and physical health.  He speaks on the topic of Cell Power, which is all about Lymphology.  You can read up on it on another website of his: www.  He has a lot of free e-books on this site too.  Towards the end of 2012 I attended his 2-day Cell Power course.  I then knew what I had to do….I had to combine the Lymphology with the Kinesiology techniques in order to help other people in a holistic way!  I had found it!  Eventually, I had found exactly what I wanted to do with my life…I had found my purpose!  I knew that this is what God’s plan for my life all along and the past 33 years has been preparing me for it.

I got to work setting up my practice…logo, business cards, brochures, etc.  I also started seeing clients after work and on week-ends from home.  Then I went through a major shift myself and decided to stop for awhile.  I needed to focus on my own growth and healing.  It has been a MASSIVE journey an lesson the past year.  It was uncomfortable and it felt like it was never going to end.  I was peeling off layer after layer to get to the core of the issue.  Then, a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to start my blog.  This has given me a renewed sense of peace and clarity.  It has helped with my healing but it has also brought up even more issues that I need to deal with and let go of.  I have also since realised that I need to re-brand everything so that it is consistent with the name of my blog.  I feel like I have established me!

Where I am at with the Venlor…
I suppose you are all wondering where I am with the weaning off the Venlor.  I am now taking 1 tablet every 7 days.  It has taken a year to get there.  I saw Dr. Kromhout in Cape Town in March and he told me I was not ready to stop them completely yet.  I am not in a hurry to get off them anymore, I am happy with where I am at with them.  I would rather it take longer to get off them successfully.

One day a few years ago when the speaker I spoke of earlier was visiting Jo’burg, I had to take him to the airport.  We were chatting while I was driving and he told me something that has stuck and makes so much sense.  He said that when you are attached the the outcome of something (Eg. Being off the Venlor) you will only make yourself miserable.  This applies to anything in life…if you are too attached you get desperate and things are just challenging and difficult for you.  As soon as you let it go, accept it for what it is, and make small changes to help you progress, it becomes SO much easier.  Resistance also creates misery and this is one of the biggest problem us as humans face.  We create all our own stress!  We are the master of our own demise and the creator of our own reality.  What you resist persists, so just LET IT GO.  I know that this is often easier said than done, but if you realise this and practise it, it becomes so much easier.  I still forget how to do this from time to time, but these days I realise it sooner and get to work in getting my mind right.

Everything that has happened to me has been a blessing.  I don’t always see the blessing immediately, but everything has its place and its purpose in my journey.  I am grateful for every lesson, every person, every experience that has come into my life.  I am exactly where I am meant to be!

I will be continuing my story as time goes by, so you can join me in my journey and hopefully something resonates for some of you reading this.  From here on out I will also be sharing some valuable information with you of things I have learnt and why I have implemented them in my life.  No-one will do anything unless it makes sense to them, so I will be attempting to make sense of some health topics in order to give you a deeper understanding as to why they are important.  Thanks for reading my story, here’s to many more posts.

B x