A take on how food can affect every aspect of a person’s being: 
“You are what you eat.”  A phrase we have heard many times before and a bit of a cliché.  But do we really understand the essence of what this truly means?  I am going to explain it as I understand it.


Let’s go back to basics: There are over 100 trillion cells in the human body. Everything we eat is feeding our cells, whether good or bad.  Each cell needs good hydration and nutrition to work at its optimum level for us. It’s simple: if we eat fresh, whole, organic food (mainly raw) and hydrate properly throughout the day, our cells will get all the nourishment and oxygen they need to be healthy and perform at their best.  Our physical bodies will be vital and we will experience a lot of energy.  We will look and feel great and glow with energy.


If we feed our cells with refined, fried, sugary foods that are laden with preservatives or are genetically modified, our cells will not be receiving the nutrients and oxygen they need in order to produce the energy that our bodied need.  Over time, the cells start to become damaged and the blood stream acidic.  At this point a person can start experiencing many different types of illnesses or disease or pain.


High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Pain, Obesity, Compromised Immune System that may lead to many diseases, Heart Disease, Cancer are all due to unhealthy and oxygen deficient cells.  If the body becomes too acidic, cells start to die that could result in death.  So we all have a decision:  We can choose the good foods that fuel us or the crap foods that just kill our cells slowly.  So a better lifestyle really is in our own best interests.


2. MENTAL STATE and brain function.
Our brains are also made up of cells (obviously) and if those cells are not being fed properly, how can our brains and brain chemicals function properly?


I can remember when I was coming off my Venlor medication for anxiety, that when I ate sugar or refined foods, the withdrawals and side effects were far worse than if I didn’t eat sugar or when I ate clean.  My mental state was altered and I could not focus very well.  I was also more dizzy and just didn’t feel great overall.  


The quality of the hormones secreted by the various different glands around the body in order to make us cope with life and stress and enable us to feel good are compromised with an unhealthy diet.
The reason a juice fast leaves one feeling more amazing than ever before, as well as have the most outrageously brilliant mental clarity is because the brain is being fed with pristine nutrients and oxygen!  It cleans out the body at cellular level and detoxes each and every cell.  So therefore, the mind also needs good, nutritious food as much as the body does.


If we feel flat, tired and groggy, our emotions will also be affected.  If we feel  k*k, we are not going to be able to cope with everyday stresses, and I guarantee you that we will become cranky.


One may experience heightened, unstable emotions and moods.  This is a really, really, really good reason why people with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and Depression really need to eat a diet high in fresh, raw, whole, healthy foods and drink plenty of water.   The behaviour of children is also altered tremendously when their diet is high in sugar and refined carbs.




If all these elements of the being are out of whack, the SOUL will be too.  If our body is not being fed sufficient nutrients, we are not of sound mind and emotions are all over the place, we will be vibrating at a much lower frequency and our soul will suffer too.  We will not be able to contribute to the world and our communities as much as we would like to.


The soul is happy and fulfilled when we are performing at our peak and feeling energised, vital and happy.  The soul thrives on balance and harmony and if the rest of the being is not working properly and in unison, how can there be any balance and harmony?


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So, it is true, you ARE what you eat, on every single level.   We need to start realising that health and happiness starts within us, from the inside out.  Until we resonate with this, we will be spending our time and money fixing symptoms.  If we change our lifestyles for the better, we will not need doctors nearly as much anymore.  So I am ending off with another cliché: Prevention is most certainly better than cure!


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