What do people want most from life? Happiness and Fulfilment!

How do you achieve this? Balance!

It is becoming increasingly challenging to achieve balance in our modern society due to the world getting faster and evolving at such a rapid pace.

As we attempt to push ourselves harder and keep up with the busyness, our bodies are placed under stress. We find ourselves ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’.

Stressors can be: Chemical, Mechanical, Mental or Emotional in nature.

This stress can manifest as: Pain, Dis-ease, Illness, Fatigue, Burnout, Weight-Gain, Relationship, Financial, Career and Personal Issues. We are so busy and distracted with everyday life that we don’t know which way to turn in order to remedy it. We are so used to treating the symptoms instead of getting to the cause of our health issues.

It is also our own limiting beliefs from childhood that are sabotaging our growth and development and can hold us back from living the life we were born to live.

Naturally Bronwyn is an organisation that offers one-on-one consultations as well as workshops in order to assist people in restoring balance into their lives. We use natural products and practices as well as Holistic techniques to help people to release and let go of Fears, Emotions, Core Issues and Sabotaging Subconscious Beliefs and bring about positive change in any area of life.

Our aim and purpose is to assist individuals to live a happy, healthy life in order to reach their full potential, achieve their goals as well as happiness, love and fulfilment.

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What people say about Bronwyn?

Bronwyn has a certain comfort that surrounds her. You instantly feel welcome in her presence. She is a real people person and has a genuine passion for helping people be the best version of themselves. I cannot wait for my next kinesiology session. I am already seeing results. Thanks Bronwyn!!

Melanie Papadopoulos, Pretoria

HCG was a fresh start for me, an emotional and physical reboot. It was pure discipline, sticking to the rules, and to maintain it afterwards, it still is. Trust in yourself that you can do it, trust in Bronwyn to support you and guide you through this Revolution!

KNV, Johannesburg

HCG Weight Loss Programme

Thank you so much Bronwyn. I have tried and tried but just not got it right on my own. You were super to work alongside, always available to chat to and so encouraging. The juice recipes were wonderful; my favourite was the Green Juice and the Strawberry Shine. I feel motivated to carry on until I achieve my goal weight, but also to be more conscious of what I put into my body, as I can see how it directly impacts me. I get it now: I am what I eat!

Bronwyn Liesching

Dorset United Kingdom- Juice Fast

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Naturally Bronwyn

Bronwyn Petzer was born in PE in 1979 and moved to Johannesburg in 2004. After being diagnosed with Genralised Anxiety Disorder in 2003 she began a journey of self-discovery. After being on chemical mediation for 12 years, she realised that there must be another way to treat the condition. Since then, she has learnt a great deal about it, opportunities have unfolded and pointed her in the direction of helping others. It was after the birth of her son in 2011 that she realised just how important the right nutrition is in every aspect of life. Combining Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology, she is able to assist people in achieving results in many aspects of life: Physical, Emotional and Mental. Through Kinesiology she can help you find what is holding you back, what mental or emotional blockages are affecting your physical body and clear those beliefs. She has witnessed the amazing results of Applied Kinesiology and the right nutrition in her own life and is testament to the effectiveness of both of these important components. Studies: 1998 - 2000: BCom Marketing and Business Management 2012 - Applied Kinesiology Level 1 - with Dr. Frans Kromhout 2012 - Cell Power (Lymphology) - with Dr. Keith McFarlane ...and the learning will always continue!
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